Community Work Programme (CWP) is an initiative by the Government (under the Department of Cooperative Governance), to enable the unemployed and unemployable communities to obtain sustainable (job and/ or own business) opportunities.

To this regard Umnotho We Afrika Foundation NPC (Umnotho) is an Emerging Sub-contractor in the Programme under Insika Foundation (the Implementing Agents), who are project managers in the CWP, responsible for more than 50 municipalities (sites) in KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape. The senior staff of Umnotho have been involved in the CWP since 2011 with a full understanding of the programme under different models of implementation (three tier and single agent) in 5 Provinces.

To this regard the following deliverables amongst others are undertaken in the programme project management (Implementing Agent) role, namely;
  • An IA ensures that there is an adoption of the programme by the allocated municipality, where there will be a council resolution detailing amongst others all possible support to the programme. Possibly the following: o local CWP offices allocated; o utilities (water& lights) cost apportionment; o storage space and security; o technical planning, i.e. site plans
  • Facilitating (in conjunction with local municipality) the community consultations (over site business plan development);
  • Cost-effective site management planning (development of participants operational schedules; identification of site resource needs);
  • Management of site office team (administrator, safety officer and store officer);
  • Ensure proper induction of participants, setting up of a site office and securing storage space;
  • Management of operational/ implementation team (Coordinators & participants);
  • Ensure overall safety, health and environmental (SHE) management is prioritised on the site;
  • Ensure overall management and security of equipment and assets;
  • Facilitate the establishment of a Local Reference Committee (LRC), comprising of local community stakeholders for the public oversight role;
  • Ensure sufficient and secure storage of all records and assets;
  • Systematically manage assets and equipment, including linking asset invoice number to bar-coding, and allocated name as well as storage facility and/or depreciation and disposal;
  • Coordinating/ providing technical support to projects;
  • Guide the participants recruitment and registration process;
  • Ensuring that participants understand the CWP systems and procedures;
  • Managing time and attendance (consolidation of attendance registers) as well as effecting statutory deductions (UIF & COIDA);
  • Ensuring sufficient branding of the site in line with provided guidelines;
  • Represent programme on stakeholder platform meetings (including conducting presentations); 
  • Partnerships: -There must be proper adoption and alignment of the programme within the provinces, where the responsible department will align with other departments, to ensure
  • Facilitate participants’ exit management, through the development of entities, wherein the participants will be hand-held to independently operate their businesses outside of the programme; and
  • Implement solid M&E strategies and plans, which include reporting as per the templates provided.
 To this regard, should you be interested to invite Umnotho to partner with you, kindly contact us. Also if you are a service provider and/ or a supplies and you want to work with us, kindly contact us
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