We provide strategic planning management solutions to our clients, which includes the following amongst others, namely; 
  • Guidance with strategic formulation and mapping, which includes market analysis, value chain analysis, scenario planning, strategic group mapping etc...;
  • Provide guidance in selection of strategic choices, grand strategies (deliberate and emergent);
  • Developing strong implementation scorecard, for organizational performance evaluation;
  • Ensure cascading of planning to functional mid-term strategic business plans;
  • Assist with alignment of medium term plans to short-term annual operational plans;
  • Create a strong and performance management linked evaluation system, which is aligned to financial year, with half-yearly and quarterly reviews;
  • Alignment and training of organizational ethics and values, in line with Corporate Governance.

(Human Resources)

Human Resources Planning

We offer a client need based service of facilitating HR strategic planning session, culminating in the HR Strategy, Design HR Operational Model, HR Plan and the HR Operational Plan;

*Develop HR Policy Handbook and Operating Manual;
*Leadership and Management ethos;
Organisational Ethics and Value Statement;
*We jointly identify and shape the Organisational Culture of choice;
*Review and identification of the Organisational Structure;

We design, benchmark, consult and implement the following HR skeleton imperatives (Job analysis and design, utilising a tool of choice relevant to your industry, for ease of benchmarking), leading to, namely; 

* Competency and Job profiling (nee’ job description);
* Job grading;
* Re-aligning according to the Organisational structure.

Recruitment and Placement 

Design recruitment and placement strategy and Plan;

Advise on staffing mix
* Permanent;
* Temporary;
* Fixed contract;
Align staff payroll cost ratios;
* Payroll cost : rand spent;
* Payroll cost : revenue;
* Operation staff: support staff, etc...

We design your staffing model and process flow;
Advise on recruitment techniques;

* Balancing between interviews, simulation, psychometric evaluation and assessment centre;
* Contract development;
* Probation Management.

We provide comprehensive outsourced recruitment services, including specialised placements

Learning and Development

Strategic Leadership development (includes design and advise on development of Leadership Academy);

Advise and guide on the establishment and functioning of the Training Forum and Training Committee;
Conduct and advise Skills Audit and Analysis;
Advise on Workplace Skills Plans development and reporting;
Institutional development;
Outsourced Capacity Building and Training;
Training design and provision, which includes;

* Curriculum design;
* ABET provider;
* Training Material development;
* Assessment and Moderation;

Design and implement Coaching and Mentoring Strategy and Plan
Design and implement Fast-tracking Plans.

Organisational Development

Design and advise on Transformation and Change Management Strategy and Plans, which includes providing HR advise in;

* Mergers and acquisitions;
* Re-organisation and lay-offs;
* Process and System Re-engineering;
* Process Mapping to eliminate process duplication;

Conduct Design, coach on Succession Plans;
Advise and conduct Benchmarking exercise for best practice;
Conduct and advise on Employment Equity Audit;
We facilitate team building sessions;
Conduct and advise Organisational Climate Surveys.

Performance Management

Development of institutional Performance Management System;

*focusing on either 50% internal / external value drivers , as per the organisation’s comfort;

Development of employee Performance Management System, which includes,

* Develop performance management cycle;
* Advise on contracting (goal setting);
* Advise on performance reviews;
* Advise on performance bonus structuring;

We conduct and assist on 360 degree evaluation for teams and general team evaluation;
Facilitating the design and implementation of the systems;
Design, advise and implement Incentive and Merit Programmes;
Advise the Performance Committee.

Total Wellness

 *Develop and ensure implementation of Total Wellness strategy;
* Linking Total Wellness to pay and retention strategies;
* Develop programme project plans;
* Advise of stakeholder mapping;
* Support on contract management (SLAs) with service providers and stakeholders, and
* Provide impact and forecast assessment corporate reports for the organisation..

Employee Relations

We provide solutions which ensure a positive climate, between the employer and employee in the workplace. The following solutions are provided amongst other, namely;

* Develop and ensure effective implementation of an Employee Relations strategy;
* Develop employee work ethos code;
* Develop and advise on the disciplinary code and grievance procedure;
* Provide HR policy awareness (workshop facilitation) services;
* Provide negotiation services, and
* Provide corporate climate reports and forecast.

Knowledge Management

* Development of a learning organisation as well as broader knowledge management strategy and philosophy;
* Assessment, development, implementation and evaluation of policy, processes and systems;
* Data and records management;
* Development, implementation and evaluation, and
* Strategic reporting.

Compensation and Benefits

We design and implement your strategy and policy, which will include amongst others, namely,

* Compensation Philosophy;
* Advise on Total Cost to Company;
* Advise on structure of Pension or Provident Fund;
* Link or delink performance and pay;
* Remuneration cycle;
Salary Survey Analysis ;

Advise on the formation and functioning of the Remuneration Committee;
Advise on Expatriate Remuneration;
Advise and conduct negotiations during salary negotiations.

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